I adore having family photos here in Dallas made for holidays or other occasions. Although hauling your family to a photo shoot can be stressful, the end result is well worth it. You just have to worry about what your family is wearing when you have a skilled photographer on the job. Ada Lee Photography […]

Family Photo

Things to wear for Christmas photo sessions

Things to wear for Christmas photo sessions
Things to wear for fall photo sessions

Fall here in Dallas is an excellent time for family portraits. The weather is still pleasant, and the changing leaves provide a lovely backdrop. You should start arranging your forthcoming photo shoot immediately, whether you’re seeking a lovely family portrait or simply need photos for your holiday cards. So now that October is finally here, […]

Family Photo

Things to wear for fall photo sessions

Looking to announce to the world that you and your love are expecting a new baby to the family? Check out how we announced this family of 7, a new addition to the family. Congratulations on the announcement of your new baby! Whether it’s your first or fourth child, the baby announcement is a milestone […]


Maternity Announcement Photo Session

Maternity Announcement Photo Session
50th birthday photographer

Are you looking for a 50th birthday photographer and some ideas that are absolutely unique? We got you covered! When it comes to your birthday, photoshoot, or other events, Ada Lee Photography is all about providing you the perfect service you need. In this blog we have Karin celebrating her 56th birthday in an intimate […]


50th Birthday Photographer

In a photo session, posing, lighting, and composition are all things you rely on a photographer to perform properly while getting your photos done. There are a few things you can do to improve the quality of your photo session. Many things are dependent on your photographer’s ability and knowledge. However, a lot depends on […]


Things you need for your photo session to be successful!


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